Welcome to our NEW website!

Here at the UDO we like to move with the times and refresh the things we bring to you. Our IT expert Lee has worked extremely hard to create this brand new site that not only looks amazing but should make registration and ticket buying a whole lot easier! There will be a short video to explain how to use the new registration system - please accept the change, it will make it easier we promise!! 

You will also see that we have a social wall that shows every visitor what has been going on on our Facebook and Twitter pages - see if you can spot your comments!!  

We will be putting up a selection of photos and videos from each of our events as they pass so look out for you or someone you know appearing on the site and let us know on Facebook if you see yourself.

You can check out all of the countries that UDO are taking over using the Globe on our landing page. There are so many countries involved but who would love to see more??? Where will UDO go next...

We hope you find your way around our new site and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. If you do have any technical issues with the site contact Lee using lee@udostreetdance.com and please let us know your thoughts on it!