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Being an exercise, movement and dance (EMD) teacher is rewarding and inspiring. It is a great skill to have to take you through life.


UDO work with The EMD Academy to run Street Dance teacher-training courses across the UK. Training with The EMD Academy will make you a first-rate teacher so you can take your classes anywhere you would like, knowing you have gained the skills to deliver safe and effective quality classes. This is an ideal qualification if you love Street Dance.

For information on booking your course, please visit The EMD Academy. As our training provider, The EMD Academy runs our Street Dance teacher-training programmes and can let you know details on when and where the next course is, take a look at their calendar.

Bursaries may also be available to reduce your course fees.

For any queries please contact the EMD Academy on the Contact EMD page, you can also follow them on Twitter and like on Facebook for the latest updates.


Train today, inspire tomorrow!