Our MC's

CHUCK                                                                                                                         http://www.udostreetdance.com/pictures/judges/~jDS3ykDDDDTFtFY7/chuck.png

Chuck is a self taught performer who has been since 2004 and influenced by Breakdance, acrobatics and dangerous stunts all tied together with elements of foundation street dance styles and personality. In 2006 became a quarter finalist on Trouble TV's 'Bump n Grind'. In 2010. He has also performed around the UK for Movida Corona promoting their world DJ completion and promotional tours. For the past 2 years Chuck has judged for the UDO (United Dance Organisation) which is a street dance circuit in which he was a competitor in, he has judged/Showcased/Hosted all over the UK. Most recently Chuck is best known for his appearance on Got To Dance 2012. Since then he has been a part of the Diversity Digitized arena tour where he was known as Beast. He performed in the main story alongside Diversity and other talented names.




Dwayne is a familiar face on CBBC, as head judge on Alesha’s street dance stars. Dwayne has appeared on stage with some of the world’s most successful artists; Jamelia, Estelle, Sugababes, Kelly Rowland, Mariah Carey, Kellis, Misteeq Alesha Dixon. Dwayne also choreographs and Dances for X Factor Star Nathan aka "StarBoy Nathan" whilst supporting Acts such as JLS, The Wanted & N-Dubz. Dancer, actor, presenter, singer/song/movie writer & choreographer, Dwayne is a vibrant, energetic character as well as an aspiring artist.





TURBO                         http://www.udostreetdance.com/pictures/judges/~jDS3ykDDDDpFEiI0/turbo.png

Turbo is a street dancer, musician and entertainer from the UK. He is best known for his appearance as a finalist on Sky TV’s GOT TO DANCE. He has danced in music videos for Madonna, Jamelia, Will Smith, Miss-Teeq, Shaznay Lewis and Whitney Houston. He also presents his own show called ‘Turbo Boost’ on CBBC.