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The UDO is happy to announce Twister as the official sponsor of the regional championships of 2014/2015. Working with a brand like Twister is a perfect match for UDO; providing fun for all ages and abilities...much like street dance! Everyone knows the classic game Twister and with new commands and features it can really put those freeze pose skills to the test. Twister will be featured at Worlds X Championships in Glasgow 28-30 August 2015; look out for exciting Twister competitions taking place at the event!


Charles 'Chuck' Denton

Chuck Twister



UDOs very own Chuck thinks ‘ Twister has been a game that’s always brought an entertainment value to any situation, and having the chance to get crazy with the UDO Twister sponsorship, it’s definitely something I won’t be shying away from. I look forward to this year events and challenge anyone/everyone to step up and challenge myself and the judges in the Skip-It Master challenge.’











The longer you go, the more you'll glow!

Click for your Twister Rave Skip-It:

Twister Skip-It


Skipping has never been like this. Play solo or challenge your friends with the Twister Rave Skip-It game! There are more than 20 light levels to reach. Keep skipping to light it up and level up! Who will be the first to meet the ultimate challenge of making all 4 classic Twister colours (red, blue, yellow and green) glow in the Skip-It master challenge?



Tangle and laugh with your friends


Twister Clasic

Get moving and keep the party going with the game of Twister. Take turns with the spinner. You'll be tangled up and laughing out loud in no time! Be the last one standing and win! The game includes all the Twister commands you know and love, and now features 2 new ways to tangle. Invent your own Twister moves with Spinner's Choice to challenge your friends! And the Air command goes above the mat for even crazier twists.