Benefits of the Syllabus

Benefits of the UDO syllabus


Benefits for dancers

  • Improve in all hip hop styles, and be rewarded for their hard work & dedication
  • Learn techniques & foundations of each style
  • Help dancers develop stronger technical disciplines along with the benefit of enhancing her/his performance abilities
  • Dancers will be challenged to reach for personal goals and attain their personal potential through hard work and determinationGrade progression
  • Give dancers the opportunity to be critiqued and evaluated by professional dance examiners
  • Use new skills to improve in competitions.
  • Nurtures positive competitive values.
  • Learn new routines in each style, taught by industry professionals
  • Build confidence levels
  • Collect all the certificates and pin badges
  • Track progress as a dancer



Benefits for teachers

  • Teach your students the different styles with the aid of industry professionals
  • Be eligible for cheaper insurance through the UDO
  • Encourages achievement and exhibits good work habitsBreakin teacher
  • Rewards determination and progression in students
  • Maintains structure within the dance school
  • Is a mechanism to progress dancers and build confidence
  • Gives the students goals and a level to work towards
  • Have the support from the UDO in all examination work
  • Students sit examinations in your studio / area, so no need to travel.
  • Become an examination centre which can instigate extra income




Syllabus poster

Addition Benefits for Teachers:

  • Marketing support from the UDO
  • Access to teacher training days
  • Use of official UDO accredited teacher logo
  • Referrals for teachers
  • Discounted UDO insurance policy
  • Recommend a friend offer