Whats in the Syllabus Pack?

Inside your syllabus pack you will find all the information and material you will need in order to teach all grades from pre primary to grade 6. 

Your syllabus pack will consist of the written UDO Street Dance Syllabus, 4 tutorial DVDs and 1 CD containing all the original tracks for the syllabus examinations.

What is in the written UDO Syllabus?

UDO Syllabus cover

  • Introduction to the UDO & Mission statement.
  • Aim of the UDO Street Dance Syllabus.
  • Benefits for dancers and teachers of the UDO Street Dance Syllabus.
  • Introduction to the professionals that helped create the syllabus.
  • The examination grades summary.
  • Examination booking options & How to book.
  • The grade content. (Pre primary - Grade 6)
  • The grade content. (Teachers grade)
  • UDO contact details.


The syllabus is £165.00 and this includes all discs, music and text support for the grades.

There is also an annual subscription of £60.00 or a monthly subscription of £5.00.

This entitles you to the following:

  • 3 teacher training sessions a year.
  • These will be workshops held around the country with the industry professionals. They will teach different routines from each grade, and advise you on ways to teach this to your students. Work on the foundations of each style, as well as answering questions, give you advice on the grades & teach helpful hints & tips on the syllabus work
  • All new grade routines will be sent to you free of charge.
  • All new grades will be sent to you free of charge. This includes the branch off grades that are post grade 6.

What is on the DVDs?

All 48 original routines that make up the UDO Street Dance Syllabus are taught, broken down and demonstrated across the set of 4 DVDs.

Pre Primary Locking

Pre Primary Warm Up

Hints and Tips for all the different styles

Whats on the CD?


The UDO Syllabus CD has music for all 48 of the set routines.

The syllabus music has been compiled by Glen Murphy (AKA 'Pulse' from Britain's Got Talents' Twist & Pulse). Each track has a 4 count introduction.