Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to take the exams?.

There is no set age limit on the exams. We have put guidelines in place which indicate the youngest age that we advise for each grade, however these are only guidelines. Dancers can sit examinations at any age, but we advise dancers to start at the lower grades to ensure all foundations are learnt correctly. It will depend on the level of the dancer, how long they have been training etc. The highest possible entry for a dancers first examination is grade 3. Candidates must be 16+ to sit their teachers examination.

What happens if a dancer forgets the routine during the examination?.

The dancer will be given the opportunity to perform their routine again. If they forget it again, they wil be given the option of performing it with another candidate.

Do all dancers in one examination have to perform the same routines from the DVD?.

NO. Dancers are free to choose which routines they demonstrate. They can all show the same routine or all show different.

Will the examiner ask any questions in the examination?.

In grades pre primary - grade 6, there are no specific questions that an examiner will ask. The history knowledge will be brought in at the the branchoff examination level. However, if an examiner does ask a question in an exam, dancers will not be penalised for not knowing the answer.

What if I haven't enough dancers to fill a whole / half day exam session?.

The UDO will look to put on examination days around the country throughout the year. Any dance school can then attend these. Also we can organise 2 or more schools to join up, and sit exams together. If you contact Kate at the UDO office on 02920 799199, she will be happy to discuss all options available.

Can dancers sit more than one exam per day?.

Dancers can sit up to 2 examinations per day. If you have dancers wishing to sit more than this, please contact the UDO office to discuss options. The UDO advise a maximum of 2 examinations per day.

How long does it take to get the results, certificates & pins?.

The UDO will email the teacher a spreadsheet showing all marks, with in 10 days of the examination. Result sheets, certificates & pins will be posted to the teacher  within 28 days of the examination.

Is there an age limit for the dancers used in a teaching examination?.

NO. They are simply used as bodies for the teaching examination. They can be of any age & ability.

If I am a qualified teacher with another organisation, do I still have to take the UDO teachers examination?.

YES. You can teach all grades, but cannot enter dancer passed grade 2 without taking your UDO teachers examination.

How hard is the teachers examination?.

The UDO teachers examination is a very relaxed, informal examination, where the examiner will check that what is being taught is correct. ie, all foundations are correct and you are critiquing the candidates with the appropriate information. The exam is approx 45 minutes, and the examiner may ask you some general questions about your teaching experience.