Teacher Seminars

The UDO has recently launched the UDO Street Dance Syllabus at a range of seminars, and we have already have over 200 schools on board!  We are currently organising the second set of seminars, these will be situated all over the UK. The seminars will consist of a presentation on the UDO syllabus, explanations on the process of the examinations, breakdown of each grade, showing of the DVD, Q & A sessions and practical workshops with the industry professionals.

Please note that if you do not wish to attend a seminar, you can purchase the syllabus online. Please go to 'Purchase online' tab on the left of this page.

We would like to invite you to the seminar in your area.

The seminar will be free of charge, and we can allow 2 teachers / principals from each school. Please note that not ALL teachers have to participate in the practical workshops.

The UDO syllabus will be available for purchase, on completion of the seminar. Priced at £165.00 & annual / monthly subscription. This will include the syllabus and DVD for ALL grades.

The time of the seminars will vary depending on the area, but will be a maximum of 3 hours.

The seminars will be a great way of understanding the UDO syllabus, ask questions, speak with industry professional about the syllabus, take part in the workshop and learn a selection of the routines from the DVD, as well as the important foundations required.

UDO Syllabus Seminar Registration

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