See why the professionals who helped develop the UDO Street Dance wanted to be involved in this project.

See what teachers from across the UK who have attended the UDO Street Dance Syllabus Seminars thought of the Seminar sessions and the Syllabus.

- Claire Monaghan | The Red Shoes School of DanceClaireRedShoes

I can honestly say that I was thrilled to find a leading company such as UDO presenting a grading system for street dance. Too long has the industry been crying out for a genuine exam style certificates that are easy to follow and present to your own dancing school. I found the lecture style workshop very informative with friendly staff and helpful regarding everyone’s individual questions. The practical workshop was both exciting and inspirational being taught by some the country’s leading practioners in their genre of dance.

I cannot wait to present the material to my fantastic students who I'm sure will be as keen as I am to get started on their exam work.


- Leanne Richardson | Urban Flo Dance SchoolUrban Flo

After attending the UDO seminar, Urban Flo dance school has introduced the syllabus into the classes. I was apprehensive about going as I did not know what to expect but every minute I was there I gained so much about dance and about different teaching methods. The seminar was very informative and helped me gain a higher understanding about teaching and breaking down each dance move. The workshop was incredible we learnt a lot of different styles and different ways of teaching. I will be taking everything I have learnt and using this within my class, this will benefit the students a lot as I will be able to teach them different dance styles and now their hard work will able to be assessed and graded on their progress. Thank you for an incredible day.


- Anna | Dimensions Dance AcademyAnna

The seminar was a very informative well put-together presentation, highlighting the benefits of the syllabus. We will definitely be putting our students through the exams, as not only does it give a structure to street dance training, equal to any other formal dance exams ie: ballet, stage etc it also teaches students the foundations of the different styles they need to know to be an all-round dancer, something that for us is very important.


– Kim Frost | The Kim Frost School of DanceKim Frost

We really enjoyed the workshop with Bly Richards. It gave us a very current insight to the different styles of Street dance such as hip hop and house, locking and popping. We can't wait to start teaching our students the new syllabus.


- Michelle Halliwell | Impulse Dance AcademyImpulse

I thoroughly enjoyed street dance when I did my 3 year diploma in professional dance and teacher training at college but since then the styles have completely changed and this new syllabus is going to help me keep up to date and now form structure to my class and my children will definitely get an understanding in every form of street dance


- Jenny Tetlow | JET STUDIOS

I recently attended the Manchester seminar from Jet Performing Arts Studios.

The seminar was great. Informative without dragging on and a great opportunity to ask questions.

The syllabus is definitely going to be added to our timetable. The syllabus is current and up to date. When we are not rehearsing for a show the pupils who do not want to take the traditional exams in ballet and tap etc will get the opportunity to get a sense of achievement in something they love, street dance.

The workshop with Bly Richards was fantastic and he really demonstrated how fantastic the syllabus is using all the current techniques that every child wants to learn at the moment.

Many thanks for a great day and I look forward to taking my teaching exam!


- Kimmy | Planet Dance

I thought the seminar was fresh and vibrant and has opened a whole new opening for me as dance teacher and my students at Planet Dance .I will be launching this syllabus within east Kilbride along with LMG Dance School and think we are one of the first to provide such a great dance syllabus within our community .Due to our attendance at recent UDO comps I think this is the way to go .Already gave some taster classes with the cd's and the students love it ages are from 8yrs to 25yrs and we love the new challenge and look forward to our UDO dance syllabus training .It is a breath of fresh air .