Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and Conditions of Membership

This document sets out the terms and conditions that apply to membership of the United Dance Organisation (UDO), and is entered into with the named individual or corporate subscriber.

The United Dance Organisation (UDO) reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and undertakes to communicate material changes to all Members within an appropriate time.

Membership of the United Dance Organisation (UDO) entitles the subscriber to benefits including, but not limited to, discounts for United Dance Organisation (UDO) publications, training and events (including priority notification and bookings) and other services as offered. These benefits and services may alter from time to time, with the current offer always listed on our website and in membership publicity and joining forms.

Anyone with an interest in United Dance Organisation (UDO) may join as a member. The United Dance Organisation (UDO) reserves the right to refuse membership should this interest not be demonstrable. Becoming a member of the United Dance Organisation (UDO) carries no legal responsibility for the member in respect of the United Dance Organisation (UDO), nor does it carry voting rights at meetings or liability in respect of any debts of United Dance Organisation (UDO). The term ‘member’ is the name used to describe the group of people and organisations that access United Dance Organisation (UDO) services and benefits via a subscription programme. 

Applications from new members will be processed within 2 working days. Current prices for membership free.

We will contact to you to inform you when your membership is due for renewal, and will provide renewal forms and information about payment methods if applicable. We will write to inform you if your membership becomes lapsed. Membership is not transferable, and membership fees if applicable are non-refundable unless the United Dance Organisation (UDO) fails in its duty to provide you with the benefits and services stated at the time your membership was purchased. Any case made for a refund must be put in writing to United Dance Organisation (UDO).

You have the right to withdraw your membership at any time and without providing reason however a refund if applicable for the ‘unused’ portion of the membership will not be provided. The United Dance Organisation (UDO) reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time should we anticipate that it will not be possible to continue to provide membership benefits and services for a continuous period of 90 days or more. However we shall use our reasonable endeavours to give you reasonable advance notice if we intend to withdraw services or benefits on a permanent basis.

The United Dance Organisation (UDO) accepts no liability whatsoever for any harm, damage, or loss, howsoever caused, which results through being a member of the United Dance Organisation (UDO).
These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England. The courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear or decide any claim, action or proceedings and to settle any disputes arising out of or in connection with the Terms, and for these purposes each party irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of the English and welsh Courts.

2. Privacy policy

We will, through the membership registration and renewals process, collect data about you and/or your organisation. We endeavour to take all reasonable measures to protect this data whilst it is in our care.
When you register as a member we collect from you such personal data as is required to properly administrate your membership subscription but will not collect sensitive data about you (race or ethnic origin, religious or other beliefs etc). This may include data captured on the ‘members’ section of United Dance Organisation (UDO) website. We use this information to effectively administrate your membership subscription and to provide you with a more personalised experience. We will also use this data to for marketing purposes about our work, products and services and those with whom we collaborate.
We will not provide share your personal data with third parties unless we have your explicit permission to do so.
You have the right to access your personal data held by United Dance Organisation (UDO). Any request for this should be directed to webmaster@uniteddance.co.uk

3. Dancers

I hereby give permission to the United Dance Organisation (UDO) to video and photograph me and furthermore, allow them to be used for publicity on their websites and any promotional materials.
I also give permission to the United Dance Organisation (UDO) to sell videos, pictures and promotional materials that I may appear in to the general public.
I give my permission for the United Dance Organisation (UDO) to give my details to their sponsors.
I accept that any gymnastic / break dance type moves are carried out at my own risk and that any injuries suffered from such moves are totally my own responsibility and the United Dance Organisation (UDO) cannot be held responsible.
I understand that I dance at my own risk. If I have a medical condition that can be affected by physical activity I take part at my own risk, especially if I have been advised by medical staff to not take part in physical activity. 
I understand that I represent my dance school by being a member and as such my behaviour and conduct should reflect this, any conduct that is deemed not appropriate may cause me to be brought before the United Dance Orgnaisation (UDO) committee and could result in myself and / or my dance school being disallowed from taking part in any future events. 

4. Teachers

By signing up as a teacher with UDO I agree to the following teacher code of conduct:

I understand I have overall responsibility of the conduct of the parents and dancers associated with my dance school
I understand that I am the first point of contact for any incidents within my school and it is then my duty to inform Udo of any matters which might be relevant
I will instruct my parents and dancers to bring queries and complaints to my attention and I will then liaise with Udo on their behalf. The issues should be raised with Udo before public comments are made on such platforms as social media.
My conduct in relation to Udo as well as that of my dancers and parents could lead to me being brought before the Udo committee and could result in individual dancers, teams or the entire dance school being disallowed from attending a future event or events.

5. Parents

By signing up as a teacher with UDO I agree to the following parent code of conduct:

I understand that I have responsibility for my own children and any Under 18's in my care. I will ensure their behaviour and conduct is appropriate and does not interfere with other attendees or the running of the event. 

I understand that if their behaviour is deemed not appropriate then this could result in them and I being brought before the UDO committee and this could result in them not being allowed to enter any future events. 

I understand that I will direct any questions or issues to the dance school teacher in the first instance before contacting UDO directly. 


6. Event bookings / Attendance

When making a booking or reservation for an event you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

I understand that all deposits are non-refundable and  if I make a cancellation 12 weeks or less prior to the event date, then I am liable to pay the full amount of the event ticket.
If the event is cancelled or postponed then I am entitled to a full refund of the ticket or a tranfer of funds to an alternative event.
If the event venue is changed but the dates remain the same.  The tickets will still stand and no refund will be issued.   

It is understood that as a parent / guardian I accept responsibility for my child / children (person aged under 18) during the entire event. If I am not attending the event I have ensured that my child is in the company of a responsible adult that I have chosen, and has agreed, to take this responsibility.
Applicable to guests aged 18 and over: It is also understood that as an adult (aged over 18) I will conduct myself in an appropriate manner throughout the event. This includes, taking care of children under my responsibility, not purchasing alcoholic beverages for any person under the age of 18 or providing such person with alcoholic drinks. I will also not drink alcohol in excess causing me to lapse in my conduct.
I will refrain from any physical altercations with any other guest and I understand that any conflicts should be reported to my dance school teacher in the first instance.
I will refrain from partaking in any illegal activity, including the use of recreational drugs.

Applicable only to dance school leaders

As a dance school teacher / leader of a school attending this event I understand that I have overall responsibility of the conduct of the persons attending with my school.
I understand that I am the first point of call for any incidents within my school and if necessary I will then inform a senior member of UDO staff or senior member of Venue staff depending on the situation.
I understand that my conduct during this event, if deemed not acceptable, could lead to all members of my party being asked to leave the event and potentially being prevented from attending future UDO events.

I understand that any damage caused at an event, to the venue, accommodation, UDO property, hire property or other members property is my responsibility and I am responsible for full payament or replacement of affected goods.  As such if felt necessary then criminal charges may be applied. 


Information about the United Dance Organisation (UDO Ltd):

Registered office: UDO Ltd,

Unit 8, Melyn Mair
Wentloog Avenue,
Cardiff, CF3 2EX
Telephone: (+44) 02920 799199
Website: www.udostreetdance.com
Email: hello@theudogroup.com
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