The UDO is proud to have the following ambassadors supporting and endorsing UDO projects:



Got To Dance 2011 - finalist, Alesha's Street Dance Stars - Judge

 "I love being at the UDO comps, because I get to inspire dancers with what I love, while they inspire with what they love, 'Music and Dance'.



Ashley Banjo

Ashley Banjo

Diversity - Britain's Got Talent 2009 winners

"Professional dancing especially street dance is a huge part of my life and of course all the guys in Diversity. It is always fantastic when you see kids of all ages becoming passionate about choreography and dance, through competitions such as UDO. I am proud to be part of the High School Street Dance competitions which encourages children and their families to get active and healthy in a fun and social way. Myself and the other guys in Diversity will always try to inspire and be inspired by groups and individuals who take part in the competitions"

Mitchell diversityperri diversity

Perri, Jordan and Mitchell

Diversity - Britain's Got Talent 2009 winners

"We are very proud and honored to be ambassadors for the National School Street Dance Championship 2011. Ashley was the ambassador in 2010 and we are all very proud to support this event again. Diversity represents that anyone can achieve their dream and we feel that this event organized by the UDO is giving the opportunity to anyone, to work together as friends and use their talent, for the chance to dance at the Championships in 2011. Keep Dancing Keep Dreaming Keep Achieving."

Sisco Gomez


"I've worked with some of the world's best artists such as Madonna, Kylie and Janet Jackson and also the best choreographers and dancers, so for me the United Dance Organisation's decision to hold a Street Dance Competition for high school kids is both exciting and inspirational".

"The kids represent the next generation of street dance and UDO are providing children with a huge opportunity to shine that they might not have had previously"




George Sampson

George Sampson


"As a former competitor in the UDO I am very honoured to be asked to be an Ambassador for the UDO High Schools Street Dance Championships it will be a fantastic project and I know everyone who gets involved with it will enjoy the experience. I can't wait to perform and judge at the final".