UDO Group

Welcome to the UDO Group. Here you will find information about the amazing extras brought to you by the UDO. 

U DO IT! Dance Foundation

U DO IT! Dance Foundation was founded in January 2014 by UDO CEO Simon Dibley and became a registered charity in May 2014.

The foundation has two main objectives. One of these objectives is to advance the education of children and young people from under privileged communities in the art of dance. The other objective is to relieve the suffering of physically and mentally disabled persons by provision of training in dance and equipment to improve their conditions of life.

U DO IT! wants dance to be inclusive to everybody.

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Encore Weekend

Encore is the BIGGEST and BEST Dance Weekend to ever to be held in the UK! Encore represents all dance styles through competitions, workshops and showcasing. The fun is spread over three days where there is dancing, partying, meet the professionals opportunities, Q & A sessions and much, much more! Encore provides THE ULTIMATE DANCE EXPERIENCE!

Keep a look out for Encore Regional events coming NEXT YEAR 2015!! 

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Dance Show Live!

Dance Show Live is an amazing dance exhibition. It represents all dance styles and included throughout the day are competitions, showcases, workshops, meet and greet 
opportunities and celebrity performances. Dance Show Live has played host to some top acts including BGT stars Bars & Melody AND Twist & Pulse as well as X Factor finalists Rough Copy!

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National Schools Championships

The National Schools project has had a make- over! The project is being run by the U DO IT! Dance Foundation and now includes Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Street and Tap sections! There are also a small number of areas piloting a crew battles project which has been funded locally. These championships hope to be part of a bigger project which will target a number of issues that children and young people face including; drug and alcohol issues, anti-social behaviour, exploitation, bullying etc. 

To find out more about these championships and to download the information pack or enter the championships, simply click the link below:

UDO Street Dance Syllabus

The syllabus is designed to enable dancers to gain accreditation, from a pre primary level through to a teaching level. It will introduce the foundations in all styles of street dance.

The aim of this project is to identify ways in which the UDO can launch and continuously operate the:

  • Provision of street dance examinations to set standards and reward achievement and progression
  • Provision of techniques, through the UDO syllabus, on which to train street dancers for a profession
  • UDO accreditation, as a preparatory step towards the Level 2 Certificate in teaching street dance.


To find out more about the UDO Street Dance Syllabus or to purchase the syllabus, simply click the link below: